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Helen Rey Heller
Washington County Republican 
Vice Chair

  • America First Activist

  • Constitution Advocate

  • Defender of the Republican Party Platform 

  • Oregon Grassroots Champion


Who is Helen?

I am an Asian Pacific Islander and a Christian immigrant from the most populous Muslim country in the world who came to America the right way - legally.  


Let’s find out more about me…


I am a wife and a mother of three beautiful children.

My husband and I raised our children to love God, family and country.
I am one of those fierce mama bears who fought schools to stop the lockdowns and who fought against DEI, CRT and the indoctrination of our children.

Help us bring

School Choice and Open Enrollment

to Oregon families and students

 sign our petitions 


During the dark weeks and months of 2020, our world changed before our eyes.  I watched our country slide toward socialism and our freedom being eroded.  It is frightening to see the country that I love - that I immigrated to for its freedoms and liberty - becoming the country from which I escaped.  I couldn’t just stay home and watch the news.  I had to do something. I became politically involved.  I began going to rallies in Portland, Salem and Washington DC.  I joined conservative groups including Oregon Women for Trump,  Lake Oswego Republican Women, Hard To Be Right, Independent Women’s Network,  Indonesian American Conservative Women, Asian American Patriots and the Washington County Republican Party.  I volunteered to canvass for local, state and federal Republican candidates and obtained signatures for various petitions including School Choice, Open Enrollment and Vote Before Tolls.  I registered voters, recruited PCPs, and educated friends and family as to why they needed to join the Republican Party - particularly within the Asian community.  

I am an America First Activist

I am Pro Life

I am Pro 2A

“Without Passion, you don’t have energy: without energy, you have nothing”

President Donald J. Trump



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